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Ampicillin-class antibiotics a xctd in milk. Ampicillin usd by nusing moths may lad tsnsitization inants; tho, a dcision should b mad whth tdiscontinu nusing tdiscontinu ampicillin, taking intaccount th impotanc th dug tth moth.

Ampicillin is th most commonly pscibd mdication in th nonatal intnsiv ca unit (NICU), usd tatmnt bactial inctions including spsis and mningitis. Howv, inomation was lacking on dosing and saty in th inant population.

Whn ampicillin is lss ctiv: Whn you tak ampicillin with ctain antibiotics, it may not wok as wll ttat you condition. This is bcaus ths antibiotics stop th gowth bactia, and ampicillin nds bactia tgow in od tkill thm. xampls ths dugs includ:

Us ampicillin may b accptabl duing pgnancy ith animal studis show nisk but human studis a not availabl animal studis showd minisks and human studis w don and showd nisk Ampicillin is xctd in bast milk; us with caution whil bastding.

Applis tampicillin: oal capsuls, oal suspnsion, pantal powd injction inusion.

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