An overview of seven 3D printing…

An overview of seven 3D printing elastic filaments from Bestfilament and PrintProduct

I have an entry-level printer, Anycubic Mega S, with a bowden extruder. Not resistant to oils and gasoline. But not resistant to oil and gasoline – minus. Alteration of my printer is in principle possible, but whether it is worth bothering with it for the sake of plastic that is incompatible with gasoline and oil is a big question. Platform: 40-60°C Print speed: 40-60 mm/s Extruder: 200-220°C Filament from Bestfilament. Nozzle: 0.4 mm At first, the filament came out of the nozzle normally. The probe looks like this: 1. The colors I came across are all black. But over time, the flow somehow diminished, twisting of the filament became noticeable in the tube, then the extruder motor began to skip steps due to congestion. The price is two times lower than the rest – this, of course, is a plus. For such plastic, of course, you need a direct extruder, i.e. a motor that feeds the filament directly into the heating element, without all these tubes. Thermoplastic polyurethane. Go under the cat, there we print rubber products, compare the results. Platform: 100-110°C I took everything that was bending, namely: The following is written about it on the site: Bflex — 85 rubles This means that the motor that feeds the plastic rod is fixed to the frame of the printer, and it is connected to the movable hot end, where the plastic is melted, with a Teflon tube. Before buying, I read a review on my printer, in which the author came to the conclusion that the printer prints very mediocre with elastic polymers, more for show in the specification. Well, what can I say. And so, for various projects, I needed a rubber-like filament. TPU Soft — 100 rubles (now 85) Closed printer housing recommended. 2. Extruder: 230°C 3. Retract: Yes < br />2 colors (black and natural) Seal gaskets, o-rings, corrugations, rubber feet, etc. BFGummy – 40 rubles, for this money you get a segment of about 10 meters, like the rest of the probes.
I built a brick with inscriptions as a test model, made all the necessary settings in the slicer and began to print. Price: 1600 R/kg. (discount now) Airflow: Yes Easily flattened with fingers. As a result, printing did not start and, having stopped the printer, I got this detail: Retract: no < br />Airflow: no There was no point in buying a coil right away, so I took several samples from two companies for testing. Speed: 20-30 mm/s Matte. Soft, pliable lace, looks just like rubber. Price: 3380 R/kg. So we postpone this filament for now, we still have two others left. resistant to oils and gasoline.