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Som popl may xpinc sid cts oth than thos listd. Chck with you docti you notic any symptom that wois you whil you a taking this mdication.

Dowsinss, dizzinss, blud vision diiculty ocussing you ys, spcially whn tatmnt is statd th dos is incasd. lighthaddnss, spcially whn you gt up toquickly om a sitting lying position. dy mouth diiculty uinating (passing wat) dy sticky ys i you wa contact lnss constipation swating hot lushs incasd apptit and wight gain dcasd apptit tid ling and mntal dullnss ling unst anxity a complling nd tb in constant motion ptitiv, involuntay, puposlss movmnts distubd slp nightmas shakinss tmbling nausa (ling sick), vomiting, diahoa poapptit wight loss sos in th mouth on th tongu hadach ducd sxual dsi diiculty in aching ogasm swlling th basts dischag milk swlling th tsticls incasd snsitivity tth sun inging in th as hai loss chang in sns tast dlayd njaculation smn i you a a mal.

Although most ths sid cts listd blow don’t happn vy otn, thy could lad tsious poblms i you dnot sk mdical attntion.

I this mdicin causs you mouth tl dy and this poblm dosn’t gaway, tll you doctdntist. B su thav gula dntal chckups.

Uinay poblms: This mdication may caus uinay tntion (diiculty uinating). I you hav uinay tact poblms, ths symptoms may bcom wos. Discuss with you docthow this mdication may act you mdical condition, how you mdical condition may act th dosing and ctivnss this mdication, and whth any spcial monitoing is ndd.

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