Automotive terminals G6 In the…

They are not magnetic, under the white coating there is a “yellow” metal that can be perfectly tinned Now that’s perfect. To start VSB-03B at the smallest position 0.5mm Suitable, you can take. Packaging

Automotive terminals G6

Generous seller – put 213pcs I met such (or damn similar) in the Opel Zafira, in the connectors of the rear doors. Here are the original terminals and the connector in which they are used.
Picture from the product page Now let’s try SN-28BS also 0.5mm In the description, the seller writes: G6 crimp terminals for a car, interchangeable pins 928999-1 for a tyco connector 1J0972977C Summarizing: the next terminals in the piggy bank of an auto electrician. More or less, but not great Here are the terminals from Ali: Trying to crimp. Unfortunately, I do not have a sample for comparison That is, judging by the marking, these are terminals for VAG.