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Moreover, now often many people have a toilet bowl in the rural toilet. For a city apartment, this is a dubious acquisition. Back to news »

Smart lighting for a toilet bowl in a rural toilet. Today on the review is quite an interesting and intellectual product. I tested in an apartment, but the meaning does not change. If condition 1 is met and condition 2 is met, then the backlight will turn on (for exactly 2 minutes). Operating instructions: The device is provided by 1) The room where the device is installed must be sufficiently dark. 2) Motion must be detected. The device is endowed with a light sensor (photoresistor) and an infrared motion sensor. In my opinion, the only logical use of this device is operation in rural areas, in a toilet where there is no light. From this manuscript it can be seen that the device works under the following conditions: We are also reasonably informed that the infrared sensor of the device must scan the front door in order to detect the movement of an object going to the push)). Light in every toilet!

If there is no toilet, then you can adapt this device as a mini lamp and brighten up two minutes of your stay (or more) in this wonderful place)). Features of operation The device really works exactly as described in the instructions, watch the video: We are talking about a "smart" lighting for the toilet, which, however, can be adapted for other needs. Appearance of the device: Hello everyone. By pressing the button, you can select either a specific color of the glow, or set the color change mode.