Brogues in Kenya

Brogues in Kenya
 Brogues in Kenya
The unisex style became popular back in the 60s. The beginning was jeans, which, from the usual clothes of cowboys and workers, moved into the wardrobes of stylish ladies. Brogues are one of the representatives of the unisex style. Such shoes are relevant for any season and are equally suitable for dresses, hooligan trousers, and business casual looks.
Women’s brogues are flat shoes (oxfords or loafers), but always with perforations at the edges. According to legend, these shoes were invented by Scottish farmers. To make the shoes dry faster, the Scots made holes in them. Over time, the need for such a life hack disappeared, perforation remained as an element of decor.
Depending on the nature of the perforation, there are:
Classics of women’s brogues are oxfords without heels with perforations on the sides. Traditionally, women’s brogues are made from waxed suede or high-quality genuine leather.
Brogues have long migrated from the wardrobe of men to women. Today, any fashionista can boast of classic perforated boots. And not in vain! After all, brogues perfectly complement any image. Don’t believe? Here are 5 ways to wear this stylish shoe.
Brogues look great with rolled-up skinny jeans, as well as more classic skinny trousers that go a little higher than the ankle.
In principle, any casual style clothing can be combined with these shoes. These are straight jeans, jackets, trench coats, trousers and shirts. Brogues look stricter than sneakers, but do not make the look boring. Thanks to them, you can easily create bows on the verge of two styles: classic and casual.
Brogues do not like socks, but if you really want to, opt for light models.
A-line dress and blogs are a great tandem for summer or autumn. A small bag with a long belt and a boater hat with a ribbon will help to complete the look. In such a romantic image, you can safely go on a date. And thanks to the comfort of shoes, you can forget about fatigue. Therefore, walks can last at least all night and until the morning.
If short dresses are not an option for you, you can create an equally stylish and romantic look with a suede midi skirt. Want something more interesting? A floral print on the skirt and light, for example, turquoise, soft pink or classic cream brogues will do the trick!
Everything is simple here: we take denim or any other shorts (most importantly, not very short) and combine them with women’s brogues with thick soles. Another relevant idea would be the combination of such shoes with denim overalls.
Leggings or jeggings go great with brogues. A voluminous top will help complete the look. And voila, you’re all set!
To date, the diversity of brogues can only be surprised. Particularly rave reviews are received by the original options, where a thick or “sneaker” sole is used. No less stylish two-tone brogues, pastel, as well as gold or silver. When used correctly, brogue boots give the image of “high cost”, elegance and eccentricity.
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