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Aciclovi is a synthtic puin nuclosid analogu with in vitand in vivinhibitoy activity against hps simplx vius typ 1 (HSV-1) and typ 2 (HSV-2), and vaiclla-zost vius (VZV).

Th inhibitoy activity aciclovi is highly slctiv du tits ainity th nzym thymidin kinas (TK) ncodd by HSV and VZV. This vial nzym convts aciclovi intaciclovi monophosphat, a nuclotid analogu. Th monophosphat is uth convtd intdiphosphat by cllula guanylat kinas and inttiphosphat by a numb cllula nzyms. In vit, aciclovi tiphosphat stops plication th hps vial DNA. This is accomplishd in th ways: 1) comptitiv inhibition vial DNA polymas; 2) incopoation intand tmination th gowing vial DNA chain; and 3) inactivation th vial DNA polymas. Th gat antivial activity aciclovi against HSV compad with VZV is du tits micint phosphoylation by th vial TK.

ACIVI Cam should b applid 5 tims p day 4 days. Thapy should b initiatd as aly as possibl ollowing onst signs and symptoms (i.. duing th podom whn lsions appa). adolscnts 12 yas ag and old, th dosag is th sam as in adults.

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Thaputic Good’s Administation (TGA) Phamacutical Bnits Schm (PBS) GuildLink DugBank.

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