I took aciphex for nearly 6 months before i realized it was causing an ache in my wrist which had been badly sprained years earlier.

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Abpazol is usd ttat ctain stomach and sophagus poblms (such as acid lux, ulcs). It woks by dcasing th amount acid you stomach maks. It livs symptoms such as hatbun, diiculty swallowing, and psistnt cough. This mdication hlps hal acid damag tth stomach and sophagus, hlps pvnt ulcs, and may hlp pvnt canc th sophagus. abpazol blongs ta class dugs known as poton pump inhibitos (PPIs).

Common sid cts Aciphx includ: where can i buy viagra pills. atophic gastitis. S blow a comphnsiv list advs cts.

In dciding tus a mdicin, th isks taking th mdicin must b wighd against th good it will do. This is a dcision you and you doctwill mak. this mdicin, th ollowing should b considd:

Using this mdicin with any th ollowing may caus an incasd isk ctain sid cts but may b unavoidabl in som cass. I usd togth, you doctmay chang th dos how otn you us this mdicin, giv you spcial instuctions about th us ood, alcohol, tobacco.

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