DANIU JQ-40 laser roulette for…

Auto power off: 30s After the inscription “boot” appears on the screen, briefly remove your finger from the button and then press again until you enter the subsystem. Model in black, with a built-in 200mAh battery and the ability to take measurements at a distance of about 5 cm up to 40 meters. The disadvantages include cheap plastic housing, a small inverted screen. It runs on battery power, so there is no need to buy batteries. Here everything turned out to be much simpler than it was with previous models (and I had more than five of them). To enter the hidden service menu, it is enough to hold the central button "ON" for more than five seconds (from the off state). Laser power: Protection: IP54 The maximum, as stated, is 40 meters (actually a little more).
Management • laser pointer for easy aiming,
Main features of Daniu jq-40: Calibration and service menu Small, compact laser rangefinder, which will always be convenient to carry in your pants pocket or bag. Its size immediately catches the eye – it is really small.
Comparison with a traditional tape measure (the rangefinder was in the factory settings, without calibration). The product was provided for writing a review by the store.
It weighs only 28.9 g.
On the reverse side, there is a familiar sticker with a warning about the danger of a laser beam and other information. — Shutdown/Clear — turning off/clearing data from the screen. It quickly measures (faster than many older models, with a higher price tag), has the ability to accurately calibrate. On the other hand, such laser roulettes are intended primarily for indoor use.
The optics, like the device itself, is small.

— Reference switching — switches the measurement taking into account the body length or not, To do this, just unscrew the two screws.
Buttons and functions Units: m / in / ft
A small LCD screen is installed on the front side, covered with a transport film. • sound notification, It does not differ in anything special from what we saw earlier in other rangefinder models. Has not lost in functionality, is able not only to make a simple distance measurement, but also to make calculations using formulas. Let’s move on to the most interesting – real tests.
Tests — Addition/Subtration and unit conversion (-) — button for adding, subtracting, changing units of measurement, • measurement of distance to an object, calculation of area and volume, the device is able to measure this approximately 3cm (with an error of 5-6mm.). • single or continuous measurement,
The charging port and lanyard hole are located on the bottom of the device. Class: Class II < br />Wavelength: 635nm – microUSB cable for recharging But this is not the only hidden mode, there is also the ability to disable or enable the sound signal bP.On/bP.OFF. – naturally this is the rangefinder itself — Area/Volume/Pythagorean measurement — switching to the area/volume calculation and according to the Pythagorean theorem, Color: black Sampling time: 0.1-3s Despite the simplicity and relatively low price compared to other models, the device arrives in a factory branded box. The reflector, alas, was not put, but I think few people use it in everyday life. There is even some equipment: There is a hidden option to calibrate the values.
Internal device On the screen, we will first see CAL. 0. As expected, working during the day without special glasses is not so easy. • built-in 200mAh battery/charge indicator,
The screen is set small with inverted colors. The readability of information outdoors (in cloudy weather) remains at the proper level. Conclusion
Full functionality in a compact size.

Compact, inexpensive and at the same time functional laser tape measure (laser rangefinder) from Daniu. Auto power off: 480s Management is simplified and, on the contrary, it is more plus than minus.

DANIU JQ-40 laser roulette for 40m. – lanyard The case is 100.3mm long, 32mm wide and 14.3mm thick. Display: LCD (inverted) It is also used to enter the service menu (hold for more than 5 seconds), This is exactly the calibration point we were looking for. The device is made entirely of black matte plastic. —ON — long press (2 seconds) turns on the device, short press produces a single measurement, long press switches to the mode
continuous measurement. • measurement with or without body length, As always, every new rangefinder I get my hands on is checked for hidden menus or modes.
And of course, in addition to simply measuring the distance, the rangefinder is able to calculate the area, volume and indirect ones – according to the Pythagorean theorem. • maximum and minimum distance tracking on screen, The general principle is preserved from model to model. With this, of course, there are no problems anymore. Measurement limit: 0.05- 40m • simple calculator function ( , -, addition or subtraction),
Specifications: • • support for measurements in meters, inches and feet , Power: built-in 200mAh battery It becomes difficult to see the laser point even in cloudy weather at a distance of more than 5 meters. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the https://jiji.ng/ilorin-west/297-generators/elepaq Rules • Pythagorean indirect measurement functions, – detailed instructions in Chinese and English Accuracy: ±2mm • intelligent computing. The disassembly of the rangefinder, unlike most competitors, is very simple. Adjustments from 7mm to -7mm are available. The hero of the review, of course, was no exception. Indoors, of course, everything is just as excellent. Also, just below you can see the block of control buttons. Packaging and appearance
As a power source, a 200mAh 3.7V lithium polymer battery with a release date of 12.2019 is installed. Below there is a hole for the buzzer.