Repaglinide prandin and nateglinide starlix are taken before each of three meals.

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During times of stresssuch as feverinfectioninjuryor surgeryit may be more difficult to control your blood sugarConsult your doctor because increased stress may require a change in your treatment planmedicationsor blood sugar testing.

The warning signs of a hypo may come on suddenly and can includecold sweatcool pale skinheadacherapid heart beatfeeling sickfeeling very hungrytemporary changes in visiondrowsinessunusual tiredness and weaknessnervousness or tremorfeeling anxiousfeeling confuseddifficulty in concentrating.

Use repaglinide regularly to get the most benefitGet your prescription refilled before you run out of medicine completely.

No clinical studies have been conducted in patients with hepatic insufficiency.

Your doctor may want you to stop taking repaglinide for a short time if you become illhave a fever or infectionor if you have surgery or a medical emergency.

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