Earplugs. Ivery IS-1 with a good…

The wire is thick rubberized, as it were. Ivery IS-1 with a good microphone.

The headphones themselves were in a bag, and 2 bags had spare earplugs. In the amount of 4 pcs. Microphone works just fine. They look stylish enough. The ones on the headphones were average. And probably all. There is a call and reset button. Some a little less, others a little more. The interlocutor hears loudly and clearly. The plugs differed in size. From the minuses, there is no volume control.

Earplugs. There is a clothespin https://jiji.ng/cell-phones-tablets-accessories/tecno-spark for the wire. On the plus side, for such a price, an excellent microphone, good sound. Even if you do not bring it to your mouth, and the wire will just hang, everything will be heard well. The earphones sit well in the ears and do not fall out.