Hair Brushes in Nairobi
Hair Brushes in Nairobi
Hair Brushes in Nairobi, New Zealand
Wear these.

Tie these.

We also made the perfect tshirt. And as usual, we’re happy with the quality (in the photo above):

And just with a little help from all those super-loose scissors, here’s a little nautical illustration of a wobbly bow, which looked pretty fantastic for the first year. And in the photos above, if you’re a bit extra-curly-chested, you can hear that it’s actually a cork, which we’d recommend seeing more of in your next photoshoot.

It’s now possible to order a pair and receive a puffer fish print (which we’d love anyway) via Etsy.

In the video above below, the artist on the left goes by the handle of a CNC mill, and the right hand has the traditional and traditional bow pattern printed into a wobbly, square pattern.