No information is available about the interaction of glycomet gp metformin hydrochloride and furosemide when coadministered chronically.

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Lasix overdose results in rapid dehydrationThe BCC decreasesthe volume of circulating bloodand cardiac arrhythmias and/or blockades developBlood pressure also sharply dropsacute renal failure occursand consciousness is disturbed.

Allergic reactions hemoconcentration abnormal electrolyte balancedehydrationand hypovolemia increase in blood cholesterol concentrations paresthesia pressure drop orthostatic hypotensioni.ea sharp drop in blood pressure when the position of the body changes from horizontal to verticalincrease in urine dyspeptic disorderschanges in stool frequency and consistency transmitted hearing disorders due to changes in the concentration of electrolytes in the blood.

There is no specific antidote to treat Lasix overdoseTherapy for correcting an overdose is symptomatic and is directed at correcting and restoring water-electrolyte balance.

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among the 25 patients receiving concurrent captopril and furosemide.