Do not discontinue treatment with keppra unless advised by your doctor.

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Information about Keppra.

Keppra concentrate is an alternative for patients when oral administration is temporarily not feasible.

When using the oral solution in pediatric patientsdosing is weight-basedmg per kgusing a calibrated measuring devicenot a household teaspoon or tablespoon

The film-coated tablets must be taken orallyswallowed with a sufficient quantity of liquid and may be taken with or without foodThe daily dose is administered in two equally divided doses.

No impact on fertility was detected in animal studiessee section 5.3No clinical data are availablepotential risk for human is unknown.

Keppra must not be used in people who are hypersensitiveallergicto levetiracetamto other pyrrolidone derivativesmedicines with a similar structure to levetiracetamor to any of the other ingredients.

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keppra xr should be discontinued at the first sign of a rash, unless the rash is clearly not drug-related.