My 7.1 Pro Sound Card For Hi-Fi…

Drawstring at the top. Then I decided to connect 5.1 acoustics and thought about it …
Left – adjusts the bass, i.e. if you turn it all the way counterclockwise, the bass will increase, the tops will disappear, if clockwise, then vice versa, the bass will go away, and the tops will increase. The subject arrived in a branded cardboard box, placed in a standard yellow bag. The case is made of some kind of synthetic material, from which the villi are pouring, it has a mesh structure. It feels like the sound is 2-channel, and the promised 8 channels are virtual. Obviously, this is a simple noun in a beautiful wrapper. It also became clear that the sound system works on a chip from C-media. The top of the sound box is white, the bottom is black. Louder, of course, than with headphones, but still quiet.

My 7.1 Pro Sound Card For Hi-Fi Surround Music Audio 8-Channel USB Hi-Fi Sound Blaster

I climbed in the settings of the sound system (through the icon that appeared in the tray) and the Windows settings. Same problem with loudness. I plugged in my headphones, started the video, but I didn’t hear any sound. Inside we have the subject itself in a black pouch-case and a mini-disk with drivers. Three wires with 3.5 mm jacks come from the acoustics. I went into the sound settings and there I saw that the subject was present there and automatically became a sound input and output device. There are 1 microphone input and 6 speaker or headphone inputs on the sides Everywhere the volume is at the maximum. I tried all 6 inputs – everywhere is the same. “Well, you never know, maybe the curve driver in android” – I thought, and stuck the A886 into the computer. I installed the drivers, connected the headphones, and again a quiet sound. The box has high-quality printing, it says what super-duper device it contains, promises us 8-channel sound (7.1), for some reason they even drew the Intel Inside logo, but I didn’t find any hints of the manufacturer’s brand name on it. The subject seems to be defective, well, or am I doing something wrong It wasn’t until I turned the volume up to the max that I heard something. There are 2 regulators and a blue LED indicator on top, yes, yes, that nasty bright blinding blue indicator that the Chinese like to sculpt where it is necessary and where it is not necessary.
Literally a second later, the sound on the UG007 disappeared. But, as it turned out, there is no difference where to connect, because all these inputs are stupidly the same (no matter how you connect it, the sound is the same).
It is not clear what and where to stick. There are 6 inputs on the subject and all are signed the same way – “speaker”. Opening the box: First of all, to check, I stuck a UG007 TV stick into the android (while the computer was loading, I decided to see if it would work in android).
In general, I do not recommend it. The right knob is used to change the volume. On the right comes a meter cable with USB at the end.