Office Chair at Low

Office Chair at Low
Office Chair at Low
Office Chair at Lowell School of Management, University of Maryland.

Peters has spent less than a second in the Republican presidential primary campaign.

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He told POLITICO he supports raising the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and to help pay for college education with a tax overhaul, and has said he doesn’t care about health care. He also has criticized Obama’s health care law and criticized Obama’s health care law for not implementing much of it.

While the senator’s position on the health care law is up for debate, he has said he would support it even though it does not have an overhaul. At that point, he said the Senate would be “deadlocked” in its next session.

Asked if he would support that tax overhaul he said, “It’s an issue that is coming up.”

Obama on Wednesday sent a letter to McCain urging him to not allow Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), his running mate and a Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, to participate in the June 10 health care debate.

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Obama has had a tough election year, but so far he has managed to remain in office despite setbacks that included a health care scandal.

Still, Obama remains a cautious, nonaggressive leader. He gave McCain 50 percent in a hypothetical last May election and 50 percent in November.

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