Opel tips

Opel tips

Opel Admiral

Good. When viewed from the front :-). Her backside is flattened, ugly (an allegory is a position for evacuation) Now I park backwards so that my colleagues do not comment.

Opel Ampera

A wonderful car: comfortable, soft, stylish – a touch of the future! Joy covers every time I look at her. It seems that Opel tried to compete with Mercedes with this model.

Opel Antara

In https://cars45.co.ke/listing/rover/75 my opinion, the best price-quality ratio among classmates If you want a diesel crossover, take Antara. Korean and Japanese competitors are more expensive. The cosmo equipment is decently stuffed: leather.

Opel Arena pass.

Opel Ascona

Bought in 1996. After the sale of vaz2101. All these years until the sale in 2010 she worked as a taxi driver. Gasoline lil always 76th. I took the oil moderately – 5 liters of the canister was enough for a replacement and for the subsequent topping up. Changer.

Opel Astra

I’ll write right away that the family has an Audi, Elantra and was a MB. A friend has a Mazda 3. Compared to the Mazda and Elantra, there would be all 5 stars, but the Audi and MB Astra are inferior in terms of taxiing, silence and ergonomics, so t.

Opel Astra F

Opel Astra G

Opel Astra N