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This dug is usd ttat high blood pssu (hyptnsion). Lowing high blood pssu hlps pvnt stoks, hat attacks, and kidny poblms. This poduct contains twmdications: ibsatan and hydochloothiazid. Ibsatan is an angiotnsin cptblock (AB) and woks by laxing blood vssls sthat blood can low masily. Hydochloothiazid is a “wat pill” (diutic) that causs you tmak muin, which hlps you body gt id xta salt and wat.

This poduct may caus a loss tomuch body wat (dhydation) and salt/minals. Tll you doctight away i you hav any symptoms dhydation minal loss, including: xtm thist, vy dy mouth, muscl camps/waknss, ast/slow/igula hatbat, conusion.

Avalid may alsb usd as initial thapy in patints wha likly tnd multipl dugs tachiv thi blood pssu goals.

Oth advs vnts that hav bn potd with hydochloothiazid, without gad tcausality, a listd blow:

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