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If you overuse Colofac there develops the excitation of central nervous systemIt is quite important to contact a specialist in the shortest terms to avoid unwanted effectsThe usual treatmentwhen the overdose occursis gastric lavage and symptomatic therapyThe specific antidote is not known.

Mebeverine violates the entrance of Naions into the cell by preventing the fast sodium channels myocyte cell membranealso it blocks the entering through the slow channels of ions Ca2hinders the process of depolarization of the cell membrane and prevents the reduction of muscle fibersMebeverine does not have an anticholinergic actionIt directly relaxes smooth musclemainly in the gastrointestinal tractThe preparation eliminates spasmwithout exerting a significant effect finestra 1 mg. on the normal intestinal peristalsis.

Symptomatic curing of paincrampsdysfunction and discomfort in the intestine associated with irritable bowel syndromecuring of spasms of the digestive tract.

Although Colospa 135Mg Tablet acts as an over-the counter drugit is always best that you take it after consulting your medical providerThis is primarily because you may experience certain side effects or even an allergic reaction in some casesonce you start taking Colospa 135Mg TabletSome common side effects of Colospa 135Mg Tablet are problems with breathing and swelling of the hands and faceAn allergic reaction to Colospa 135Mg Tablet can result in hivesskin rashes and irritationSeek immediate medical help in case.

While each class of diuretics has its own set of side effectssome adverse effects are shared by all diuretics.

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