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“He has never died, but this experience has changed his mind.

“I really feel it is his fault he had to stay in this family for so long.

“It is an experience we will never forget and I am grateful.

“We are very thankful for him as well.”

Mr Moore was born at Woodstock to a woman who had a house and two younger brothers. When he was eight, he received a visit from his aunt so he could stay with his aunt. His father, John, a doctor, worked on a house project that would provide accommodation for the boys.

The couple moved to Northampton when Mr Moore’s father moved to London. He attended Leicestershire High School and then went to work in a hospital. He died on Saturday aged 57.

He made his first trip to London in November 1997. His parents attended a funeral service in Stratford for his grandmother and uncle but there was nothing.

In an email on Friday, his brother, Dave, said: “I can only hope that he will come out of his misery and come back home stronger and have some closure for his whole family.

“As it is today I had not known it would be this long.

“So it made me feel terrible for all the years he has been missing.
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We now have more evidence that B.E.G.A. is real (see The ‘Bureaucratic Cores’ book: A glimpse into our work and our history). We are getting closer to establishing an ‘official’ version on the planet, as we are starting to go above average at finding that stuff. (See a recent review here.)

To top it off is the amazing, new, unprecedented experience we’ve got at a new place – the University of Edinburgh. The new campus (to give you an idea of the scale) has more people of all sorts and interests, but the University welcomes all forms of international academic life. Its website is fantastic. The new buildings are full of amazing things – a world, world wide network and all the best professors, and all the kind of cool and inspiring things you’d expect from a university with a reputation for the quality of its work.

Also to look forward to is an official visit from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts & Letters (who we talked to before moving to Edinburgh which we will have to wait a while for if we wish to return to London). This will help us find some more more of the stuff that we should be building, and hopefully we can take the experience back and re-evaluate it a bit.

That said, we can’t wait to move on from the world, with amazing new buildings and amazing faculty and people.