Review of a decent Chinese kitchen…

Review of a decent Chinese kitchen knife: KEEMAKE chef knife (8-inch)

Greetings. Again, we will talk about Keemake branded utility and chef knives, which can be purchased from stock in Russia. This time it’s an 8" Damascus steel HSS chef’s knife. The knife is quite heavy and sharp as a razor.
A little bit of appearance and examples of cutting under the cut.

So, the manufacturer Keemake promises a blade sharpened to razor sharpness. The packaging is a gift, it is not a shame to buy this not only for your own kitchen, but also as a housewarming/colleague/friends or beloved mother-in-law present. And the chef knife itself is a very useful purchase for the kitchen.

Type: Damascus forged steel chef’s knife (AUS-10)
Weight: ~270 g
Blade length: 8"/20.3cm
Knife length: 12.75"/32.3cm
Thickness: 2.2mm
Handle material: G10 S/S

Packaging for "five points", the awn tip is covered with plastic protection. The kit includes a napkin to care for the surface of the knife.

The surface texture is interesting. There are “traces of forging” and a drawing under Damascus steel.

There is also laser marking of the brand and type of steel used.

The bolster is forged, adds to the overall mass, and it is convenient to hold such a knife. The middle pin differs in decoration, the knife as a whole does not give the impression of a cheap product.

This is not just a "full tang", but a massive butt is used to balance the long blade. Made with high quality, polished to a shine.