Tronsmart Glary Alpha gaming headphones…

Apparently gamers don’t care. Maximum input power: 30 mW Frequency range: 20Hz-20000Hz More precisely, the part of it that rests on the head. Audiobooks, podcasts are very comfortable to listen to. Cable length: 2.2 m Okay, but in the kit there is an audio splitter from a 4-pin 3.5 jack to two three-pin ones. Microphone impedance: 2.2 kOhm And the headphones are really chic in this regard. Disassembly

The headphones are really very comfortable and the thickness of the ear pads is such that you can safely move your ears in them. Microphone sensitivity: 42 ± 3 dB But that doesn’t stop us from sorting them out ;). After putting them on, after a while you stop feeling anything extraneous on your head.

Tronsmart Glary Alpha gaming headphones with an ergonomic fit. These are the main advantages, I’ll tell you about the rest under the cut Packaging Specifications Good juicy basses, middle and high frequencies are pressed down. That is, headphones can be included even in a PC sound card, even in a game console. Even the earlobes are free, as I mentioned above. Yes, I can move my ears, what’s wrong with that? Their reviews have already been before (once and twice), but it didn’t come to disassembly. The microphone is attached to the left earcup on a flexible stem. It can be bent, rotated, but cannot be completely removed. Convinced. In fairness, I can say that the equalizer pulls the sound to an acceptable quality. Let’s fix it.
An unobtrusive red bar glows on the microphone when the USB is connected. Impedance: 32 ohms True, they are gaming, but I have never been a gamer, that’s how things are. The space inside the ear cushions is 7*5 cm in size and 2.5 cm deep. These supports (8*4 cm) have two degrees of freedom, which allows them to adapt to any head shape. When I saw them, it seemed to me an interesting decision is the division of the head support of the headband and I wanted to make sure that my intuition was correct. I’ll tell you about the Tronsmart Glary Alpha headphones. At high volume, the sound becomes audible outside the headphones, and not through the gaps between the ear pads and the head, but through the plastic case. The sound is a bit muffled for music. Flexible yet resilient.
The second part of the headband consists of metal rods in a silicone shell. The first thing that catches your eye in these headphones is the headband split in two. Speakers: 23 ohms, 50mm diameter Unlike the presentable packaging from speakers and TWS ears, Glary Alpha’s box is made of thin cardboard, unpacked and thrown away. Appearance Weight: 315 g The sound through the microphone is loud and clear, there are no questions to it at all.