The hub did not heat up during the full cycle of reading the flash drive. There are no screws under the legs. Trying to wipe with a cloth adds more new ones, so either microfiber for glasses or put up with prints. It didn’t work out for me – the photo shows that I glued some of the latches with superglue. Shipping from Russia and from China currently costs the same. Everything is held on by latches, and breaking apart when trying to disassemble with brute force. Price $15.99 for USB2.0 version and $23.99 for USB3.0, minus $2.00 seller promo code QQ0005, minus $1.00 seller coupon from $17.00. There is nothing special to test the speed with, here is a 32 GB flash drive with a declared read speed of 130MB: (in general, such cables do not comply with the USB standard, and if you connect two computers with them, special effects are possible.

USB 3.0 hub with Ugreen US216 switch (USB KVM)

The ends, however, are matte and do not create problems: Inside the box, the hub itself, two USB3.0 A – USB3.0 A cables and instructions: It came from Russia in a week by DPD courier service.
and the plastic is so soft that it cracks near the holes already during casting:
We turn it on and we see that both LEDs of the blue color beloved by the Chinese, but because of the translucent body they do not irritate, rather, in bright light it will be difficult to distinguish: We remove the film from the hub and find that it is very glossy:
But if you start to disassemble from the middle of the long sides and slowly squeeze further, you can disassemble without damage. Type C would look more logical here) Inside the box in the film:
However, they are almost invisible under other corners.
Install for some reason, the manufacturer did not think of two different colors, although the numbers 1 and 2 on the case are visible only when viewed from above.
It came in a regular package, without a bubble wrap. UGREEN USB 3.0 Host Switched Hub (USB KVM).